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D438-7205 TOYOTA/VW Autotech brake pad

TOYOTA 04465-YZZ56

TOYOTA 04491-26151

TOYOTA 04491-35130

TOYOTA 04491-35200

TOYOTA 04491-26071

VW J04 491 352 00

VW J04 465 350 20


Brake Type Disc Brake

Length [mm] 140,1

Height [mm] 55,7

Thickness [mm] 15,5

Weight [kg] 1.680

Axle Version Front

1.Brake Pads Material:Semi-Metal,Non-Abestos,NAO,Cerramic,Organic,Sintered,Metallic and so on
2.Available for America, Europe,Japan,Korea,Russia,Canada,spain,and so on Vehicles.
3.Excellent radiative performance.
4.High standard heat treatment system
5.Long service life, low wear and tear, Noiseless. 
6.OEM and ODM is welcome
the test result as below: 
1) Max.Continuous Operating Temperature,400℃-800℃
2)Max.Transient Operating Temperature,400℃
3)Guaranteed Mileage in KM:defferent parts defferent warranty.the brake pad for car warranty is from 60000KM to 300000KM.Truck Brake Pad Could use 40000KM to 160000KM
4) Material friction coefficient: 100-250 ℃: 0.38-0.50; 300-350℃:0.34-0.26;
Wearing rate: 100-350 ℃:0.13-0.18 (10-7 cm3/N M)
5) Brake pads hardness 91.4-95.0 HRR;
6) Brake pad shearing strength: no bearing area, friction particle sticker area over 95%;
7) Brake pads density:2.58-3.30 g/cm3;

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